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Welcome to Chilli Jam Factory

My guess is that you are visiting this site because you have seen an advert and were intrigued - or you have seen us at a show, tried a taster and are now desparate to buy another jar. Never had Chilli Jam - you don't know what you are missing!.

We have tried a number of recipes (new and old) before finding just the right blend of chillies, peppers and sugar. The "Original" was born in late 2011 and we have purposely kept the range to a few really great recipes.

MAN JAM on Sale. This one is for the real conoisseur hot head! Man Jam and contains 3 different type of chillies to tantilise your taste buds (Scotch Bonnet, Naga and Bhut (Ghost) Jaloka) BUY NOW.
Try our exquisite Chilli Jam with Garlic and our Extra HOT "Bonnet Blaster!" or our new "Nitro Naga" jam > more

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